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Our products deliver nicotine without the tar or other harmful substances found in smoke. Our large range of quality e-liquid refills in a variety of strengths and flavours. Whether you need an e cigarette starter kit or some spare parts or accessories, you can buy what you require through our store.


Electronic cigarettes (shisha pens) are much cheaper than traditional cigarettes and can possibly save you thousands of pounds a year.

The very best ecig does not smell or stain as the liquid or juice found within its cartridges produce vapour not smoke.


We dispatch same day if ordered before 3pm, a returns policy.  Our company goal is to provide good quality products, excellent service all at great prices. You may find a lot of similar looking products elsewhere at the cheapest of prices.

They are not the same as our kits.


We check and vet our suppliers thoroughly and hold all the relevant documentation and insurances to offer peace of mind. We are always available to offer help and advice.

We stock a wide range of the best Disposable Shisha Pens, Electronic Cigarettes & E Liquids.

Starter Kits

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Innokin iClear 30s Dual Coil Tank


Choice Of 22 Flavours

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Liking Eliquid

Shisha / Hookah Pens



22 Original American Flavours

Loads of E-liquid Flavours Available


Nicotine  Content


From zero to 18mg


Ego Ce4 Starter Kit


This Ego Ce4 Single Kit is an excellent kit for beginners who are looking for an alternative to cigarettes & their first vaping experience

Normal Price £22.95


The Dual Ego Ce4 Clearomiser starter kit is our most popular of the standard e-cigarettes and an ideal starter model and a manual power button for ultimate control.


2xFree 10ml E-Liquids



You MUST be over 18 to buy at the Shisha Pen Shop

  • Are Electronic Cigarettes

    a healthier alternative?


    1. Health. The most dangerous aspect of smoking is the actual smoke and the associated tar and thousands of chemicals that are inhaled into the lungs. With an electronic cigarette nothing is actually lit, so there is no smoke, tar nor the thousands of chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes. The nicotine is vaporized into a mist that looks and feels like smoke, but isn't smoke. This is clearly a much healthier alternative.


    2. Cost. If you smoke 10 cigarettes a day you can save on average £1,000 per year. Smoke 20 a day and you are looking at a £2,000 saving a year.


    3. Convenience. You can "smoke" a No Smoking cigarette anywhere because there is no smoke being emitted. You may get some funny looks if you suddenly start "vaping" in a restaurant or bar so you may want to get permission from management first. But technically you can do this in any public area because there is no second-hand smoke to be concerned with.


    4. Smell. There is no lingering odor so no more worrying about stinky breath, hair, clothes, hands, etc. No second hand smoke you won't be offending anyone with second hand smoke and no one can complain about the smell.


    5. Eliminate stinky ashtrays! Besides the fact that clothes, hair, breath, etc. are nasty by-products of smoking cigarettes, there's the ashtrays that fill up and have to be emptied. Ashtrays are just plain gross. You will not need any more ashtrays with electronic cigarettes.


    6. Peace of mind. You will have the peace of mind knowing that you're choosing a healthier alternative. True, you're still absorbing nicotine but at least you're avoiding the incredibly dangerous smoke and 4,000 toxic chemicals associated with tobacco cigarettes.








Bubble Gum







Led Shisha Pen in 5 different flavours

E-Hookah Pens

15 Great Flavours

The glowing LED light glows upon inhalation so it's quite obvious you are smoking an electronic shisha pen and not a real cigarette. 15 Great tasting natural flavours & lasts up to 500 puffs

Diameter: 9.2mm

Length     114mm

Weight     30g


LED light: Red Led



Safety Information


You must be 18 years of age, to purchase ANY of our products., These products are also not intended for women who are pregnant or people with allergies to any inhalants.

We reserve the right to cancel any transaction where it reasonably believes the purchaser is EITHER not of the required legal age or is purchasing products on behalf of a minor.



Nicotine is a poison and extremely harmful. Keep out of reach of children. Nicotine containing items should be kept locked away in a safe place. If any of our products are consumed you should seek medical assistance immediately.

Nicotine is addictive: We actively encourage people not to take up a nicotine habit. If you are not already a smoker then please do not buy nicotine-based products.

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